Zach Schlumpf, IOActive - Startup Security Weekly #64

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Zach Schlumpf is the Recruiting Coordinator for IOActive. An Army Veteran, former Red Teamer, and Seattle Locksport volunteer, Zach joins us to discuss recruiting, social engineering, and the balance between technical and soft skills! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

This week Zach slumped recruiting coordinator for Iowa active joins us for a feature interview in our articles for discussion we're gonna talk about I thought that said whining it's actually winning winning maybe it's winding winding arguments knows winning arguments about turning insight into execution and avoiding the just dilemma in the news we've got a lot of updates from big updates from bitdefender McAfee barracuda networks Pony Express reversing labs and more stay tuned for this edition of start up security weekly. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Broadcasting live from G. unit studios in Rhode Island it's a show about security start up how to secure your start up and advice for security start ups its start up security we could ...

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