Chatline: Your week in review

published 2 years ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Now for a look at what you had to say about some of our stories this week. Here's Jamie Cummins with Chatline.

For most Australians meta silent as a place they read or hear about but don't get to visit. A parish priest from Sydney's inner west recently decided he wanted to say the situation for himself. Start with the help of get out he traveled to the islands broader set us to come. Now you need to tell us why you're crying for why is why we hear what they say is out there by the government and does not represent us we are good people we asked to religious leaders to discuss the role of Chechens in the debate if you think it's a moral seemed to come by bars. How long must people pay for that scene hallow must they be punished. By going they. Might not have the extent that the hand of Christian friendship and compassion which I think is extremely important but might be feeding false hope Richard was upset with what he saw I just want the men on ministries have humanely 5 with some semblance of respect he said. And Roger said the island was a concentration camp. But tone felts the discussion what ...

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