MLB Network Intentional Talk: 11/29/17

published 2 years ago by MLB Network

An ultimatum to Giancarlo Stanton? Chris and Kevin break down the latest news in Miami. With the free-agent market moving at a crawl, the boys propose their ideas that might get things moving. See why the latest edition of Kevin's Highlights has everyone flipping out. All of that and more!

Fair buddy thanks so much for joining us on the I. T. podcast we greatly appreciate it but watch a hop on over the TV side where you can actually join us on the show right 15. That's right you know why because you could tweeter he could interact with those and how bout that will read live tweets get very good press I see a crowd always scroll down there look at Twitter so we stand joints on live TV. Yeah I was just checking out the twitterverse so remember to. Every Monday through Friday. And now the network. See you then. Is going to school would look good. So. For the. Program. I turn my head make intentional times. Right now ...

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