Cheers and celebrations as Senate passes historic same-sex marriage bill

published 2 years ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Joyous scenes erupted in the Senate today with the historic passage of the bill to legalise same-sex marriage. But the process won't be complete until it's approved by the House of Representatives - this week's sitting was cancelled by the Prime Minister. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth reports.

The result of the division is our eyes 43 knows 12 the matter is resolved. Every now and then. Comes along which breaks down business as usual in Canberra. Which unites people on there an idea not. Shin. And makes parliament hit the standard. Expected of us this debate has been good for the soul of the country it's been good for the soul of this chamber and it will be good for the souls of LG beach I children through out outright country. Every day it is a great privilege. Stand in this place but there are some days which are of great moment. Change our country for the better. This is such a. The passage of the bill was also rapid it took less than 5 sitting dies. There were several attempts to amend it to expand the religious protection ...

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