George Brandis says Sam Dastyari is a 'serial offender' over latest scandal

published 3 years ago by ABC News and Current Affairs

Emma Alberici speaks to Attorney-General George Brandis about the historic passage of a same-sex marriage bill through the Senate and the latest scandal engulfing Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

And I was joined a short while ago from camera by the Attorney General and leader of the government in the Senate George Brandis. Senator Brandis welcome back to let on pleasure Emma is next week's vice in the house of representatives on Dane snakes same sex marriage bill now simply a procedural matter or could they still be some amendments to the bill. Well it's certainly not a procedural matter the members of the house representatives want to have a proper debate about the bill it will be submitted to the house representatives on the same terms. But it was submitted to the Senate and to any members of free. I have to propose whatever amendments that I like now I don't know what members of the house representatives have in mind to be honest I've been so. Busy I'm a killing with things in the Senate but the time I just haven't had the opportunity to speak to in the house of representatives colleagues but I don't think that members of the house representative should feel any constrained at all about moving in that ...

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