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Long known for his big animal cinematography, underwater imaging pioneer Chuck Nicklin explores the colorful and fascinating world of the Indo-Pacific's tiny shrimp species. Many shrimp are commensal with other sea creatures, meaning that they derive food or benefit from other species without harm or benefit to those other creatures. Some shrimp species have symbiotic relationships with other sea creatures where both species derive a benefit from the interaction. Chuck Nicklin is one of the pioneers of underwater cinematography. His credits include "The Deep," "The Abyss," and a couple of James Bond classics, in addition to work on a vast array of nature-related feature presentations for television and cinema spanning nearly five decades. He was among the first underwater cinematographers to film whales, including the first to film a singing Humpback Whale. Now eighty years young, Chuck continues to lead dive trips all over the world, produce his own short videos, and inspire and mentor a whole new generation of underwater imagers. To learn more about Chuck, his work, travels and history, please visit his website: ChuckNicklin.com

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