Darren Mar-Elia, Semperis - Startup Security Weekly #63

published 3 years ago by Security Weekly

Darren Mar-Elia of Semperis is the Head of Product for Semperis. Semperis focuses on Active Directive protection. Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

Do a website in external presence of employees in office any of these things can be compromised in attack how're you defending these assets have you penetration tested these public assets store 2017 by taking a proactive approach to securing your vulnerable areas black hills information security has been helping companies find their weaknesses since 2008 email consulting at black hills infosec.com and see how they can help you sleep better at night. Well the studio looks beautiful and Paul had some stuff here to take care of so you're not stuck with me I'm still here we got a fantastic interview we just have a chat off camera so we are right to that but let me remind you if you haven't yet got IT pro TV slash start up security use the code SS 30. You tried absolutely free for 7 days and then you get 30 percent off your monthly membership for the lifetime of your active subscription. They also have a team solutions this is something you've heard Paula talk about a lot more in when you go take ...

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