Spooky Scary Cyberwar | Unfilter 20

published 8 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

After a string of high profile Cyberattacks we could be witnessing the creation of the next generation military industrial complex. Or is President Obama desperately seeking to protect us from same the types of Cyber weapons we’ve attacked other nations with? Nobody celebrates National Cybersecurity Awareness Month like the US government. Plus: We start in the United States, which is facing a dramatic “Fiscal Cliff”. We’ll break down exactly what that term means, how it will impact you, and when the supposed deadline is. Then from Libya to Spain we’ll focus on the important events that developed this week around the world. And: The first presidential debates have just wrapped, we reflect on a few moments, and play a few of our favorite clips. All that and a heck of a lot more, on this week’s Unfilter!

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