AD #2223 – Waymo Says AVs Closer Than Most Think, Elon Musk Digging Holes Under LA, Civic Type R Crate Engine

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- SEAT Threatens to Move from Catalonia - Waymo Says AVs Closer Than Most Think - Wall Street Downgrades GM Stock - Elon Musk Shows LA Tunnel - Chevy Supercharges Its 5.3L V8 - Honda to Offer Civic Type R Engine as Crate Option - Dodge to Sell Hellcat Engines - Honda Adopts New Manufacturing Processes

I this duty stuff happening hold mover revealed to most of them did a study this Halloween way mole has bewitched curry slid Pacific goes into deriding owned by themselves Hondo is selling civic type R. curry dungeons to anyone who wants to buy them and it on most is digging Joe didn't take tunnels under the city of Los Angeles who this is a security hope to line. Now that we've hopefully got you in the hollow in spirit let's look at the latest automotive news. No doubt you've heard the news that Catalonia wants to split away from Spain now say out the Spanish automaker which is owned by Volkswagen warns that it will move its headquarters out of Catalonia if the province breaks away. Say out is one of the largest companies in Spain and it's based think ...

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