SONY A7r III :: The A9 Mini Me?

published 3 years ago by Ted Forbes

Today Sony has announced the new Sony A7r III mirrorless camera - the latest in its A7 lineup. The A7rIII looks extremely promising. They seemed to have cleaned up a lot of the little frustrations with the A7rII, increased the performance and added some nice new features for both still and video shooting in 4k. The camera will be available at the end of November. Sony also introduced 2 lenses - the 24-105 f/4.0 OSS FE and a telephoto prime - a 400mm f/2.8 to be released in the summer of 2018. Also announced as I was about to film this video - DxO has purchased Nik Software from Google. This is incredible news as Nik is one of the best post production packages I've used. Google have announced they're abandoning development on Nik so its nice to see someone committed to keeping it up to date.

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