AD #2211 – BMW Develops Connected Motorcycle, GM Cuts More Production, Toyota Set To Test Fuel-Cell Semi

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- GM Cuts More Production - GM’s Standoff with Unifor Continues - Big Truck Sales Up In September - BMW Develops Connected Motorcycle - Toyota Set To Test Fuel-Cell Semi - Suppliers Swap Interiors Business

I'm today show slumping sedan sales force GM to scale back production BMW creates a connected motorcycle concept and Toyota sense it's ready to test fuel cell powered semi trucks all that more coming right up on moneyline daily. This is not a line daily show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Due to some slow selling models inventory at General Motors is starting to pile up according to words out of data the company had 87 days supply at the end of August that dropped at 76 in September but it was still larger than the industry average of 64 days. Because of this last month the company announced it scaling back SUV production at its Springhill Tennessee plant. And now it's reducing production at its Detroit Hamtramck plant. That facility builds the Buick lacrosse Cadillac CT 6 ...

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