AD #2207 – GM’s Modular Fuel Cell Truck, More Details On Mazda’s HCCI Engine, Car Manufacturing Ends In Australia

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Automotive Manufacturing Ends In Australia - GM’s Modular Fuel Cell Truck - Hurricanes to Boost Car Sales - Denso Places $1 Billion Bet On EVs - Proposal to Devote I-5 to AVs - More Details On Mazda’s HCCI Engine

On today's show chancellor place is $1000000000 bet on electric cars General Motors releases pictures for its fuel cell concepts rock. And monster reveals more details. 8 CC I enjoy. All that and more coming right up. Bottom line do you. This is online daily the show dedicated to those who support the automotive industry. Well it is the end of an era automakers are closing down all the reassembly operations in Australia this mosque Ford actually did it last year Toyota did it last week and General Motors does it next week. Auto makers began manufacturing cars in Australia 90 years ago. Steep tariffs made it almost impossible to import cars and that protected them. But a couple of decades ago the Australian government ...

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