Joining the Rescue Efforts

published 3 years ago by Scottsdale Bible Church

Luke 15:1-7 | Jamie Rasmussen

Nmhoa Zahra cactus campus and then our venue in our chapel those watching online join us for our time in the word let's all bow together and for a. Father god there's a lot to pray about in this world of ours and in this culture of ours. It's been a crazy week and there were comforted by the fact that. What happened this week in Las Vegas and all the other things going on in our country. Prize you. They sure surprise us. And so god our prayers are lifted up on a regular basis hopefully for. All of us daily as we think of those who were in mourning those her grief. those who don't understand how there can be so much pain. And suffering in this world. And lotus Christians as followers of your son Jesus we know that you've said to us this is a fallen world in which people make terrible choices even evil ...

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