Rex Murphy | Trudeau's Flip-Flop

published 3 years ago

Rex Murphy's not impressed with Justin Trudeau's flip-flop on electoral reform

Liberals have been known forever is the natural governing party and for good reason. For if there should ever come that dismal time when Canadians fall short in their admiration and love of being governed by the Liberal Party. By then we may count on the liberals themselves taking up the slack. And then some. 4 inconceivable as this may sound liberals admire liberal governments even more than alright thinking Canadians do. And one of the finest comedy routine since a great John Crosby abandon politics. Justin Trudeau yesterday gave his reasons. You cannot know how loosely I'm using the term for giving up on his resolute pledge for once and for all do away with first past the post. That's degraded system that gave us for example prime ministers Pierre Trudeau Lester Pearson John Gretchen. And that was the period you understand when for ...

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