AD #2205 – Wall Street Yawns at Ford’s Vision, Toyota Redesigns Top Luxury Car, Nissan Designer Creates Luxury Yacht

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- AV Legislation Takes a Step Forward - Analysts Say Ford’s Future Plan Lacks Vision - Auto Leather Maker Blames Uber for Bankruptcy - Chevy Designs New Fabrics for 2018 Equinox - Toyota Redesigns the Century Luxury Car - Nissan and BMW Embrace Amazon Alexa - Honda Puts Wheel Attenuators on New Accord - U.S. Diesel Sales Strong - Alfonso Albaisa Designs a Yacht

On today's show for takes its message to Wall Street and Wall Street yawns Toyota completely redesigns its top luxury car but you've probably never seen before. And Nissan's top designer take some time off. To design a yacht. On that more coming right up. Online dating. WNED. This is not a line daily they showed dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. With so much conflict between Republicans and Democrats these days it's nice to see some bipartisan cooperation. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Senate commerce science and transportation committee just unanimously approved legislation for self driving cars it authorizes automakers to sell up to 80000 autonomous vehicles within 3 years which are exempt from current safety standards. In order ...

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