You Can Fix America's System

published 3 years ago by Simon & Schuster

Don’t let anything stop you. Lead and show people that your community deserves to be represented. Amanda Litman shares how.

You have a responsibility to do more than just March you have to run for office and fight yourself it's important understand how politicians are trying to earn your vote and how you can get involved with their campaigns if you're not an old white dude you probably don't see as many elected officials who look like you don't let that stop you. You have to be the one to lead and show people that your community deserve to be represented. And remember no mediocre white man ever second guess his his qualifications for some. I'm mandalit men and a campaign hack I worked for president Obama the Florida governor's race in 2014 and most recently as Hillary Clinton's email director now I'm the cofounder of run for something run for something is a brand new organization that recruits and supports young progressives running for local office all across the ...

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