You Want To Get More Involved? Run For Something!

published 3 years ago by Simon & Schuster

Getting politically involved is so important. It doesn’t matter your background, political views, where you live, etc. Your voice must be heard. Amanda Litman shares easy ways to get involved.

I'm a campaign hack I worked for president Obama the Florida governor's race in 2014 and most recently as Hillary Clinton's email director now I'm the cofounder of run for something fun for something as a brand new organization that recruits and supports young progressives running for local office all across the. We need more people like you in public service. We need more members of black lives matter we need more Latinos we need more LGBT people reading more native Americans we need more teachers and students and nurses we need more artists and physicists and first generation Americans. If you live in a red state it is even more important that you run there people in your community who need to hear from you and me to understand what you're fighting. If you're not ready to run just yet get involved with a local campaign knock doors make calls the things that are the least sexy and make for the worst instagrams are the most important things you can do for a candidate you care ...

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