A Crisis of Culture | A Letter From Pastor Erwin McManus

published 1 year ago by MOSAIC - Erwin Raphael McManus

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This week I sent out a letter to our moves a community and I want to come on to talk to everyone who is a part of us. On podcast lifestream who comes to music here in Los Angeles who. Has benefited from. All the good the music does all over the world I wrote a letter and I wanna read letter to I rarely take a moment and read something. But. This is important I want to get the language right. Dear mosaic family. We're at the precipice. Of extraordinary Apatin reads as a church family. And with this comes great challenges. We have been stepping up and raising the bar for faith and commitment to reaching our city and serving those in need across the world. I am writing this letter to you knowing that everything that god has called us to do we can only do together. Today we face unique challenge as we have stepped into south Pasadena taking on the Rialto theater while the same time continue our work from our location in the heart of Hollywood ...

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