Keys to the Cart: October 2, 2017

published 2 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Medication Errors: Etiology; Addiction Risk Factors; Substance Abuse: Treatment

And we are back welcome to another exciting edition of keys to the card a weekly open Nancy's a podcast where we will review several IT key words in just a couple of minutes. My name is doctor alley battle and I'm in this is the eldest at the university of Virginia. Today I am very excited to introduce doctor Sonny tell to our show. Doctor tell is one of my colleagues at the university of Virginia and she recently completed a fellowship in anesthesia and quality. I have to tell thanks for being here today. Hello to Bechtel thanks for having me on your podcasts. Anytime now the first question I want to ask is do you have a favorite keyword I do my favorite keyword is medication errors ideology. With my training and quality improvement this keyword is near and dear to my heart. And it is such an important topic now let's unlock some knowledge what can you tell me about the etiology of medication errors. Well first there are 2 ways that medication errors can occur. First by commission ...

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