AD #2202 - 2018 Accord First Impressions, Cummins and Achates Developing Military Engine, VW's Plan to Win Back Trust

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Volkswagen's Plan to Win Back Trust - Cummins and Achates Developing Military Engine - 2018 Honda Accord Impressions - Customers Feedback on New VW Tiguan

On today's show our impression of the new Honda accord comments into Katy's team up to develop an engine for the military and how Volkswagen planes to win back people's trust. On that mark coming right up. Online daily. This is not a line daily the shelf for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. A Volkswagen used to think that German engineering and charging a premium over its competitors was the way to differentiate itself in the U. S. but VW's had in North America Henrik well bokken recently told a group of reporters that things are starting to change post diesel gate. By forming the north American region group it gave more autonomy to the folks in the U. S. Canada and Mexico engineering is still a differentiator but well back and says they're also focused on coming out with competitive products with the right set of options for the region and with come ...

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