Episode 82 - Get Rid of Your Head Trash

published 2 years ago by The Law of Attraction Centre and Karen Luniw

Brought to you by   Karen Luniw helps Business Women move to the top of their field so they can live the way they want.  ABOUT THIS EPISODE: We have the privilege of talking to Power Habits Mentor, Noah St. John author of the book we're going to talk about today - Get Rid of Your Head Trash. To get your copy of Get Rid of Your Head Trash go to:  

Okay well everybody I am so glad you're here with us today and I'm really excited because an author that I read before reached out to me and said Hey can I come on your show as well yeah course and so today we have Noah St John and nosing John is known as the power habits mentor as it was for helping people helping entrepreneurs to get rid of their head trash and make more money I know is also the only other in history now of works hot publishing here has HarperCollins my belly nightingale Conant and chicken soup for the soul our publisher which is really you know to me up as I as you know an author is extraordinarily impressed and so I wouldn't know but your agent anyways also so I he also appears frequently in the news worldwide including ABC NBC CBS CBS fox earn her and upgrade magazine Forbes.com and hoping ...

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