AD #2201 – Diesel Woes Costs VW Billions More, China Pushes EV Goals Back, Hyundai Introduces New Accent

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- China Pushes EV Goals Back a Year - VW Sets Aside Another $3 Billion for Diesels - Honda Teases New EV Sports Car - Hyundai Reveals the New Accent - Chevy Introduces Centennial Edition Trucks - Chevy Renames Medium-Duty Trucks - Autonomous Drone Taxis Could Become Normal

I'm today shall Volkswagen's diesel woes continue China reveals when its navy sales targets going to affect. Shabby celebrates 100 years of pickup trucks. On that more coming right up. Online the. This is not a line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. China announced sales quotas for electric and plug in hybrid cars and it's giving the auto industry a bit of a break originally the rules were going into effect next year but the government is delaying them an extra years automakers will receive credit for selling those types of vehicles and by 2019 the credits must be equivalent to 10 percent of an auto makers annual sales and that figure jumps to 12 percent and 2020. A single vehicle can be worth multiple credits depending on its range and performance. So that 12 percent figure ...

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