AD #2200 – Delphi Announces Spin-Off Names, New Ford Truck Flirts w/ $100,000, Toyota and Mazda Form New EV JV

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Delphi Announces Spin-Off Company Names - Detroit 3 to Lose N.A. Production Lead - Caterpillar Develops Aftermarket Autonomous Mining Solution - Ford Introduces New Super Duty Limited - Toyota and Mazda Form New EV Joint Venture - Toyota Shows Off Latest Autonomous Technology

On today's show Delphi gets a new name Ford comes out with a truck the cost nearly 100 grand and Toyota shows off its latest autonomous technology. On that more coming right up. Online gaming. This is not a line daily the shelf for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Back in may of the giant supplier Delphi announced plans to separate its powertrain business from the rest of the company and create to stand alone units at the time we speculated that the powertrain side would keep the Delphi name while the remaining business which will focus on technology like autonomy in data monetization would adopt a more high tech sounding name. It's pretty much what happened. Yesterday Delphi announced that the powertrain business will now be known as Delphi technologies and the new tech company will be called active ...

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