Signal Sciences, Zscaler, and Google Cloud - Enterprise Security Weekly #63

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Google Cloud acquires Bitium, Ixia extends cloud visibility, Lacework announces Microsoft Windows Server support, Signal Sciences joins Splunk's Adaptive Response Initiative, and more enterprise security news! Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

This week in the enterprise security news an adaptive response initiative as our networking next generation A. V. actionable network intelligence Google cloud buys a security company cloud visibility and finally. A company that defines the problem in the solution rate on their website. And I give you a hint. Still got it wrong. Container security with the familiar face and deep web intelligence API's. Then John and I will talk about network security architecture all that and more on this episode of enterprise security weekly. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Broadcasting live from genius studios in Rhode Island. Show reattach security vendors in Onofre to name names. Its enterprise security we ...

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