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It’s been somewhere between 3 and 12 years since we’ve talked about poop sacs on the podcast. And the poop sacs are angry. They feel neglected, gassy, constipated, ready to explode. This next set of podcasts starts off with Jacob taking us through a review of small bowel ultrasound and all the awesomeness of not ordering a CT on every distended belly you come across. Next time we’ll break down some serious hernia action with Mike and talk about finding, diagnosing and reducing hernias with beside ultrasound. Bring on the POO!!! Want to see Jacob ultrasound poo shirtless? Come to Cabofest Want to see Jacob ultrasound poo dressed up as Hodor from Game of Thrones? Come to Castlefest

You know I've been adulteress sound that's not an excuse to punish your patients with radiation it out there ultrasound hearts and lungs might be sees let us know how you feel that. Yeah we can definitely that war we could be better conditions and use our old. Jacob is been a long time since we've talked about its acts and I feel like we've been neglecting them. And it's excellent to be neglected we neglected sex they they get angry to a . They get gassy they fired a lot. so I think we should talk about 6. I actually I was looking back. And I think it's been 12 years. We talked about the tax on. I cast. Which is hard to believe yeah. Yeah I actually I think you're you're not estimating correctly. I think you were 12 years old. I'm so it's like it's it's been like even way long and that I think that is a a but I also would be believable if you're saying you were 12 years old. That's you because I'm actually 50 right now as it really was ...

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