VegEZ ebook sneak peek

published 2 years ago

90+ super easy vegan recipes from Toni Fiore. Serving up her written recipes &videos.

Hi I'm Tony Fiori and I'm here to help you create delicious easy plant based recipes for every day of the week comfort foods to delicious barbecue fare I've got you covered. Before you know it with my veggies in video eco spoke you'll be eating healthier and satisfying meal in no time. My recipes are delicious economical uncomplicated easily modified to suit your skin your family's personal tastes. You'll learn all you need to know that familiar foods and new trends in plant based products. I've been vegetarian for over 30 years developing and sharing recipes on public television since 2005. In 2009 I took the vegan challenging shifted seamlessly and successfully I might add to it completely plant based diet and I can tell you from my heart that the only thing I ever regretted was not having done it sooner. I've seen friends and family members health improved while drastically reducing their need. For prescription drugs for ...

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