Cavuto: Obsession over Price's travels isn't about waste

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

It's about never getting around to doing the important things that matter to the public

Right well Republicans you started now who is going to end it because Democrats are are flying high over some. A Republican. And Brian had the latest target. Is held in human services secretary Tom Brize cited for chartering private planes at least 24 times and worse. Doing so for destinations that the folks at politico discovered had plenty of frequent cheaper commercial alternatives and all of those little more than a month into the media had a field day questioning treasury secretary Stephen Newsom and his lights travels. Aboard a government charter Republicans are now the ones flying off the handle they're outraged over Democrats out grades. I guess kinda like Democrats are outraged over Republicans out where aids over the same thing awhile back remember all those stories about al gore's big car been put printing or whatever that was have dairy gravel drive and we sold it deal while lecturing audiences about business laying waste to are worth apparently saving ...

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