Art II: Renaissance and Baroque 1400–1800

published 2 years ago by Rick Steves

In this lecture, Rick Steves describes how Europe explodes with new ideas in religion, exploration, and politics, resulting in some of the Western world’s greatest art treasures. Visit for more European travel information.

Hello FF. Thank you. Oh yeah. All who. You're just told trying to get a raise narrowed. Well all good days the great thing about learning about history and art is the more you understand what you're gonna see before your trip the more fun you can have when you travel so we are one third of the way through a 3 hour look at the story of Europe from the year 500 and tell twentieth century and now we're going to dedicate the next hour to part 2 and that is though renaissance and baroque era roughly 1400 to 1800 and that's just a reminder that this is all very rough dates this is very sweeping history it's ridiculous to try to do anything in depth when you're covering 400 exciting years of history not far travel ...

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