AD #2196 – Jaguar Burnishes the Brand, EV Bus Sets Range Record, North American Production Slows

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Mercedes Invests $1B to Build EVs in the U.S. - London Calling: Uber Go Away! - Look at That 911 in Your Garage! - EV Bus Sets Range Record - North American Production Slows - Jaguar Burnishes the Brand - Callum Praises Formula E - Jaguar E-Pace’s Easter Egg

On today's show Mercedes invests $1000000000 in the U. S. to build electric SUV's pro tears Evey box sets the world record for longest distance travelled on a single charge in jaguar is getting set to release a couple of high price performance cars to take the brand more upscale on that mark coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily that showed dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well seems like every time you turn around another automaker is trying to grab headlines by announcing it's going to a lecture fry everything now it's Mercedes turned. By 2022 Mercedes Benz says it will offer electrified versions of its entire lineup it's investing $1000000000 to build electric SUV's for it EQ brand at its plane Alabama including a new battery plant which will create 600 new ...

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