Justin Colby: Speaker Spotlight | Extreme Freedom

published 2 years ago by Sean Terry | Real Estate Investing Mogul

  We are another week closer to Extreme Freedom and seats are filling up! We have so many awesome speakers this year. One of the awesome speakers I lined up this year is my good friend, Justin Colby. He is going to be delivering an awesome presentation, you won’t want to miss it. If you Keep Reading » The post Justin Colby: Speaker Spotlight | Extreme Freedom appeared first on The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast | Flip2Freedom.com.

Alright so. Just you guys tell me your beginning story where were you. When you that startled stand well death but it was so and we'll even liars and nationally I was Livin large is 2005 everyone with making money in real estate 2005 right now just let me join to get it you know it's funny from UCLA my buddy actually said Hey let's start a real estate company together back in 2003 said yeah but we I went into sales and he went to real estate time wasn't right you notice until 5 you give me a call them like let's go let's do it man the government monies me made right grow I just love building businesses so we started a real estate brokerage in California right killing it I mean kill who wasn't out right away and I was good at it you and assist the market was on fire and everything Russian and that was it yeah. And so it was something that I literally you know lost it all just like ...

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