Cavuto: Stay humble, it will really come in handy

published 2 years ago by FOX News Channel

History is defined not by the events we expect, but by those we do not

For regular viewers of the show you know I liked his share wisdom for my late mom and dad one line in particular from my dad might sound familiar it was active. So that by. Offering unsolicited throughout my childhood kneeling say stay humble in your case it'll come in handy. What usually got him going with seeing my report card he would just shake his head and remind me you know son. The the idea is to put a number in front of the decimal point of the grade point average as the years went by I hide laughing he laughs but what was said in jest my dad earnestly meant to keep my head from getting too big that you can. See. Well it didn't work but I got his message on the last don't get too big for your britches stay grounded stay real try to stay humble. Which reminds me of toys R. us you see I I do have a point here and it's this. Toys R. us has been humbled once a category killer this once couldn't fail retailer is family it just filed for bankruptcy. And hopes like so many ...

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