Freedom Watch Afghanistan Episode: #307

published 5 years ago by DVIDS

This edition features stories on Afghans taking the lead in Wardack Province and FOB Gamberi. Marines conduct a live fire range, The Rapid Equipping Force turns ideas into solutions, A National Guard unit provides support from above and cooks build Morale. SSG Lyndsey Prax, PV2 Christina McKenzie, SSG Daniel Sullivan, SGT Christopher Tobey, SSG Haley Zimmerman, SGT Rodney Roldan, SGT Joe De La Pena

Coming up on freedom watch Afghanistan ideas are transformed into solutions careens conduct a live fire range and a foot patrol leads to a firefight in what I province. All the stories and more next. Hello. Welcome. I tell you the stories of servicemen. Coalition. Dedicated. Rationing during free. As US service members take on the train advise and assist mission sometimes they just don't have the tools and resources they need to complete them ...

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