Keys to the Cart: September 18, 2017

published 3 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Pregnancy: Heme and Electrolyte changes; Pregnancy: Plasma Proteins; Coagulation Changes in Pregnancy; Pregnancy: Hemostasis

And we are back welcome to another exciting edition of keys to the car a weekly openness is a podcast where we will review several IT key words in just a couple of minutes. My name is doctor alley battle and I'm in this is the oldest at the university of Virginia. Back again this week on our show is Dr Jill cast neck. Doctor because Nick is an anesthesiologist with specialty training in cardiac as well OB anesthesia and she's also my mom I am so glad that he's back again for her third podcast. Welcome back back to cast neck are you ready to unlock some knowledge yes let's get right to it I really like this whole key word review thing when I was a resident I know I know you locked up hill to the hospital both ways in the snow which you might have done because of Pittsburgh. But anyway. Where should we start today. Our first keyword is pregnancy hematologic an electrolyte changes. So what changes do we see during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a state of physiologic any mia and this occur since there's a greater increase in plasma of ...

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