Freedom Watch Afghanistan: Episode #306

published 5 years ago by DVIDS

This edition features stories on Retrograde operations in Kandahar and Bagram, Marines provide fires support to the ANA, DLA sells White Goods to Afghan businesses, Afghan Hands provides logistic support to the ANA and a military working dog team trains for IED detection and US troops hand over another base in the Sangin district to the ANA. SFC John Fries, PFC Christina McKenzie, SGT Rodney Roldan, SGT Christopher Tobey, SGT Chiquita Pena, SSG Christy Dispennette, SGT David Ogden.

Coming up on freedom watch Afghanistan buildings no longer needed are torn down for later use. Surplus equipment gets sold to the Afghans and a 4 legged servicemember does her part to keep the peace. All these stories and more next. Hello I'm sergeant first class job freeze and welcome to. To watch Afghan. Where we tell you the stories. Service members and coalition partners dedicated to making operation enduring freedom successful. Re deployment is a responsible measure process to re posture military resources in ...

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