published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

Everybody has a faith system that they lean their lives against. Some hold up. Some fall apart.

Ncredible today so god the worst song might be familiar unfamiliar to us but they resonate with our hearts because that's how we feel sometimes like I'm on my last breath like some Stanley Jessica brief so I started feeling I'm about one maybe 2 more steps left in me and on my money's gonna buckle because life this is confusing. That's why that's why we came here god week we came to hear from you about life about your son Christ to see if there's really a lot better waiting for the pieces together have it all makes sense of we walk out here a few minutes we we really might understand what life is you could could look like so god we we ask you this treatise every week in here we just teaches that one good thing. Just one good thing about your son connect it was our daily everyday real day lives connect them and they only make sense that maybe life could get better issue in our lives. Except for ...

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