The LORD Is My Shepherd

published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

Biblical Authority. While many of us like the idea of Jesus being our Savior, Friend and Comforter, thinking of him as the LORD, Commander of our lives, brings up some tension.

Alright. I'm not for the next 7 weeks so hold on earth. So goes the go broken or insist I'm happy I'm happy alright let's pray I need prayer alright so got a good job in the series and we are going to look at some of the most important things that you say are important not the corn our opinion. Because of that is. What you say this is good and you've got a hold on to this or we're like just not be as good and so god if we run anything in this next 7 weeks that just. And rubs up against us and causes tense and then help us ask good questions why does that bother me and and why am I pushing back against that and what will actually happen my life exactly said that I wanna be a part of my life so teaches about your son Jesus connect that with the dots we call that's my life help in those mixes it in Jesus name I pray amen. They they were gonna do something we do if you're new around here I might not you'll check mine out done this at least once maybe twice a year we carve out 6 or 7 weeks I kind of think a time out. And we do a review or ...

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