How to Box Video #016 - 'Left Uppercut' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

In this quick video I am demonstrating how to throw the left uppercut. Start off in your boxing stance, imagine a right cross coming towards your head and slip to your left (based on an Orthodox stance). Distribute your weight onto your left leg (approx. 80/20, 80% on your front leg). Bend your left leg slightly - you are now ready to throw the uppercut. With your front foot grounded, drive your left hand up in between your opponents guard - aiming for the chin. Whilst powering the punch up, twist your hips clockwise and keep your other hand in the guard position covering the right side of your face. With the uppercut, you are trying to knock your opponents head back. The uppercut when thrown correctly is a powerful punch and can easily knockout the opposition. A great follow to the left uppercut is the straight right cross. In fact when you complete the uppercut, you are left in a perfect "coiled spring" position, to power the cross forward at maximum power. Practice this move on the bag and pads and see for yourself how well these techniques compliment each other.

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