How to Box Video #015 - 'Right Hook to the Body' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

Last week I talked about the left body hook. The left body hook is a great shot and can be very hurtful…..but when the right body hook lands, and your whole body weight is behind it, it's game over. There are 2 main right body hooks that I like to teach. The standard is very similar to the left body hook, but rather than slip their right cross, you slip their left jab (slipping to the right). When slipping, bend the knees slightly and rotate your body (clockwise). Then power up through your legs and hook your right fist into your opponents left-hand side. This is a great solid shot that can be added to most combinations very easily e.g. jab, cross, left hook, right body hook. A little tip that I forgot to mention last week, is that quite often when throwing a body hook, I like to double it up. I would either hit again to the body with another hook to the same place, or throw a hook to the head on the same side, as a second shot. When you land a body hook, more often than not, the boxer will instantly pull his elbow down to cover. This is when I hook to the head. Reminder: If you keep repeating the same technique, your opponent will cotton on to what you are doing. So again mix it up, double to the body / hook body then hook head / hook head then hook body - always keep them guessing. The 2nd right body hook I teach is my favourite. It is the looping right hook. The amount of power you are able to generate with this technique is absolutely awesome. I like to set this punch up by feinting the left jab (bringing their hands high to guard) and then looping the right hand directly into their side. The hand position isn't like a normal hook, on contact the back of my fist is facing me. If you would like to try this hook on a punch bag, make sure you start lightly and get used to the angle, as it can really hurt your wrist if you get it wrong. To see the looping right body hook in action, take a look at this youtube clip from the Roy Jones Jr vs Virgil Hill fight. This is a perfect example of how to execute this technique properly - Jones Jr is an idol of mine, in the early 90's I went over to America and sparred with him (just before he claimed his first world title). He was by far the best boxer that I have ever had the honour to spar against and for me, as a boxer, Roy Jones Jr was in a league of his own.

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