History, Guidance, and Framework for Ethical Clinical Research

published 6 years ago by NIH

Video Podcast (CC)Aired date: 9/25/2013 8:30:00 AM Eastern Time

Welcome to the course on the ethical and regulatory aspects of clinical research. Not on my name is Christine Grady I'm from the department of bioethics here at the clinical center. And this is the fifteenth year actually that we've taught this course hard to believe I'm not old but again I'm. so I want to welcome everybody who's in the room and also we have a number of people who are watching off site. Some as close as Rockville and some as far as Tehran in Lima Peru so welcome to all of our up just depends whether they're here in the in the room or I'm watching us on the video. I want to start by just telling you what our goal is both something changed. That's better. and and I wonder if you could put up the. The one ...

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