Participating In The Process

published 3 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

As God transforms and changes us, we get to participate in the process.

But in the flatirons online where we seek to bring the awesome life of Christ to a loss in broken world if you have any questions you want to know more about us than head to our website of flat irons and if you wanna stay connected throughout the week the follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter today are teaching pastor Scott Nichols gonna talk about how growth takes time but god also allows us to participate in the. Of our own growth. Glad you're here today. Welcome to week 3. Tree of life. Uhhuh. What's up our sorry. Alright hates Memorial Day weekend wants to pray with me and I will get started father god. Now we come before you right now and we're we're very mindful of the fact that our ability to gather together here today has been protected by men. Who are willing to pay the ultimate price so that we can have this. Freedom to gather and worship you without ...

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