Deana Martin: Destination Moon

published 6 years ago by Lance Yelvington Jr.

Deana Martin comes from a musical heritage second to none. In this CyberCountry Minute she tells us what's coming up next in her career, her latest CD, Destination Moon, as well as showing us great talent never goes out of style….

I'm late Skellington for cyber country Nina Martin comes from a long line of musical talent and certified cool she's going to tell us more about her career and her latest CD destination moon in this cyber countrymen I am a singer and a author and an actress and a pilot. The me that actually is a pretty young. Com way to describe who you are because you actually come up through a great experience said to almost any child would want it to mean Europe is the daughter Dean Martin but. It gave you a real appreciation for entertainment and you turn that into well for one thing a great CD on. That what he tells about that. Well that's a nice so you know how you started yes I am the daughter of Dean Martin who is just the king of cool unbelievable he was. First of all an unbelievable entertainer a singer and actor ...

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