How to Box Video #010 - 'Right to the Body, Left Hook' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

Find out more at With this technique, it is important to keep your body weight central. Lower yourself down by bending your legs, taking care not to lean - any leaning over compromises your balance, and reduces your punching power. Once you're down in the low boxing stance, throw your right cross at your opponents mid-section. There are a number of technical aspects to this technique, so I have listed some technical points below: • As you throw the cross, twist your right foot (twist on the ball of your foot).• Twist your hips to get more power into the punch.• Make sure your left hand is guarding the left side of your face.• Your chin should be tucked into your right shoulder, for protection.• Always look at your opponent as you move. The right body cross is a great way to counter against any of the following incoming head shots - left jab, right cross, left hook, right hook. One of the main reasons that this punch is a favourite of mine is because it's an amazing way to wind up for the second punch. In this demo I am showing the left hook as a follow, but the upper cut (although harder to land) can be just as good, if not more devastating from this position. On completion of the right cross to the body, you are now ready to throw the hook. So, from the low stance position, simultaneously drive up from the floor (using your legs). Pull back the right hand to protect the right side of your face and whip the left hook through, whilst slightly leaning back to add more power. The back foot should be flat on the floor, and the front left foot should now be twisting (on the ball of the foot) to really power in the hook. This is a great technique to try out on the bag. See how much power you can get into the hook, and if you have an uppercut bag, have a go using the upper cut as the follow through too. 

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