How to Box Video #002 - 'The Basic Jab' - Sneak Punch TV

published 7 years ago by Sneak Punch

The jab is essential to learn and master in boxing and has countless uses within the ring.Here are 3 great uses for the jab: • A Range Finder - (to set up your power punch - if you know you can hit them with the jab, you are definitely in range to throw the power punch)• To keep the distance (use the jab to make you opponent keep their distance from you)• For Blocking Vision (jab to your opponents face to disguise an incoming attack from your other hand)Disclaimer - Some exercises may not be suitable for everyone. You should consult your doctor before begining any new exercise routine, especially if;- You have any pre-existing conditions- You are taking medications of any kind- You are suffering from an injury or illness or feeling unwell- You are pregnant- You have not exercised in a long whileThe creators, producers and distributors do not accept responsbility of any injury or accident occurred as a result of following this content.

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