Basic Training

published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

Begin training right now so that you can do in the future what you cannot currently do by direct effort.

Our I hate for each of us today lysis us start today which is pretty god we pray with me so guys wanna say thank you for the work that song the reminder that a day's coming no matter what we go through right now there's a day coming we're gonna look at you face to face and we don't know if things okay and and we will look back at a day in history for some of us that might be today for some of them in years and years and years ago that everything changed. Everything that things change only botany. Angel lives. So . So we're gonna do even today we're gonna take our lives that we live in. It's place. And we're gonna lay beside what you say is true and better and then try to put those together so that we can. what what your son Jesus call a more abundant life a better life we wanted we really do as a teaches about your son Jesus today it's in his name I pray. Amen. Hey I'll really glad you're here we are in a running the mill of a series called the war effort within the last month we industry where we sleep right up to Easter before I jump into this like the fifth we ...

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