SPARC Strategic Planning Workshop: Biology & Technology (Day 2)

published 4 years ago by NIH

Video Podcast (CC)Aired date: 2/26/2015 8:00:00 AM Eastern Time

To welcome Dr event Tocchet again from UCLA to cherish our first session this morning thank you doctor. So what come at everybody for the set very interesting fish hung on to make anything of never again into action. We have a full a distinguished because we have made a really pure no contributions always a Vegas nav so easy even on than I feel on bass where figured it bunker at the gun the configuration immune function got gleaming out something and you can just south of no Holocaust talk. Between vivid to hard organ. it's because 20 minute of a quick on deshawn photo by 5 minute of discussions. So it's my pleasure to introduce the first speaker of that dog sandal say if you do we then associate perfect so I've university of me I mean and that that ...

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