How to Box - Boxing Tips (10 to 12)

published 5 years ago by Sneak Punch

Boxing Tips #10 - Parry & Counter Boxing Tips #11 - Short / Long Hook Boxing Tips #12 - Hook Fist Position   I'd Appreciate a 'Thumbs up' if you found it helpful!Cornelius Carrformer BBBofC British Super-Middleweight & WBF World Middleweight ChampionSUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER "HOW TO BOX" VIDEO TIPS:========================================­­==== TO OUR PODCAST ON ITUNES:================================== Us! :==========GOOGLE + ►  Sneakpunch/FACEBOOK ►  ►  ► 

I guys SO took a week we're going to do power you can count okay seeking Parry with your right hand obviously if you're off the docks the pie with your right hand you come up with the job. Part of your right hand you come back with a right cross okay something you practice in drills we if we have for the flattened. Okay something I do Tim with novices or something that I can check on right throughout your career that you like to shoot a man who taught me has a great power is that a juror on some great fighters but the dolphin get that basic skill and all this is you can block it parties. Okay so when you come back with account to be fast you know if you're part of the job you come back with a cross. Okay part of the job come back with a right cross Suzy can just keep doing practice practice practice. Practice makes perfect. On top. Hi guys okay switch of the week and we can do a shot book on along folks who think. She really something you can you can practice on the back ...

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