Making It To The Finish Line

published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

When you are facing something that you don't know how to fix, change or survive, what needs to happen for you to make it to the "finish line"?

Yeah Hey we really are glad you're here he's a star service today we just just a time out we pray with me in the mode will get into this I suppose we got so god loam. A lot of us in this room and all the campuses in we we come into this place from a lot of different places are different circumstances some of us have. It's really hard. We came in Billy for still live some. And we don't know that if we're gonna make it and then some of us over we're gonna leave this room a few minutes and walk in the. A common. And they're gonna try to figure things out and and you brought us into this place. to teach you something about Jesus and about our lives and then put them together and we walk out here and go I. I want I I need something better than I currently have a so god will you teach us. About your son Jesus connect him to what's going on in our real everyday lives. Us that we have a chance a shot at taking hold of something better that you have in mind for us ...

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