published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

Nothing can stop God from accomplishing His will but lots of things can stop us from having the life God makes available to us.

This is AHS been an awesome series I'll I'll of the stories we've been looking at like Jim I believe that all these actually happen and if you believe all these actually happen that doesn't make you naive or stupid it actually makes you logical because if you begin with the premise that there's an almighty creator the universe he spoke all this into existence than one must conclude that the things we looked at in the series so far are no sweat for a god like that so using a shepherd boy to kill it a giant no big deal Jonah being alive in the belly with this for a few days and being spit out on a short note no big deal no sweat for a god like that night I love the stories because I grew up going to church like Wednesday Sunday morning Sunday night a bigger up going to church. Alright so the handful of us you can resonate with this when I Nigro going to church also very confused search experience because of my mom went through this this stage where she would take us to the search for for a long time that we're basically they break danced in the aisles for like an hour and and but at the same time we lived with my my grandparents are southern Baptists and you can even answer that search with the pivot foot like he like not allowed not okay don't even tell ...

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