The Bottom Line

published 4 years ago by Flatirons Community Church

The road to life, a life that bears fruit, a house that stands up, is a life that puts into practice (action) what Jesus says is right, true and better.

so you're good good so that the line of that song his you I don't know the songs about their earlier this alright follow your feet okay now that he's gonna to tie in to what we talk about here in just that in just a minute so. I'm really thankful to god for air conditioning amen. Yeah so you also think of their dad's alright so the days it's father's day and so when I wear my dad serves the needs of your you know have like the oldest dad stand up in those like single mother 50 you know and that's awesome then we got to the youngest out it was a 13 year old with a beard they got awkward you know so voters really a kind of broad if you're a father a grandfather whatever we do stand up so we just give it up for all the doubts in the room further west to get out. Awesome de yeah Dowd's yeah. We really would not be here without you so thank you is so go ahead yeah Louis's paper Datul quicken will jump into and into a talk today gods also think of what you do in my life in like this church I'm thankful for my dad was in heaven with ...

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