How to Box - Boxing Tips (1 to 3)

published 6 years ago by Sneak Punch

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Good talking to slip okay as to if you can do this. Staff and it's okay so basically when someone throws a job you wanna be on the outside of his job okay so he jumps you invent outside Chuck goes over this over your left shoulder nephew could face was a right cross you wanna slit your left. Okay combat with a left hook okay so games to be do this he job slip compact with a right cross. Okay he concludes right caution combat go about cool if we all went to. Okay game if you throw the job be construed makes you hands that committed the body shop's. Okay because all right because you can slip a little bit lower cooling the body structure body okay cool for the ribcage. Okay so no one you can do to support a slipshod or does not want to file with the office that. You know with all his stuff much just to much of to get the glove participates he jobs slip you combatant Graf backs up to the job slip Baku ...

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